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Nelson DeMille - Up Country UP COUNTRY
by Nelson DeMille
Paperback $7.99

Former army homicide investigator Paul Brenner has just gotten used to early retirement, forced on him by a disastrous case, when his old commanding officer asks him to return for one last mission: investigate a murder that took place in wartime Vietnam thirty years before. Brenner reluctantly accepts out of curiosity and loyalty... and maybe a touch of boredom. But he isn't bored long, as he returns to where he fought as a young combat soldier to solve a mystery filled with intrigue.
Robert K. Tanenbaum - Immoral Certainty IMMORAL CERTAINTY
by Robert K. Tanenbaum
Paperback $7.99

A killer is working the streets of New York City, snuffing out the most innocent victims with the "immoral certainty" that he'll never pay for his crimes. Even Assistant D.A. Butch Karp and his colleague, Marlene Ciampi, have never encountered such savagery. Three victims so far, three murders bound in one deadly knot.
Jack Higgins - Graveyard Shift THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT
by Jack Higgins
Paperback $7.99

Ben Garvald is out of prison. After nine years in lockup, he's coming back to the old neighborhood. Back to his ex-wife. Back for revenge. That's what the cops think. But Detective Sergeant Mick Miller isn't worried. His highly unorthodox methods are perfectly suited for the graveyard shift—the midnight hours when the driven and desperate come out to play. Tonight, Nick Miller's toughest opponent will be Ben Garvald.
Mary Higgins Clark - All Around the Town ALL AROUND THE TOWN
by Mary Higgins Clark
Paperback $7.99

When Laurie Kenyon is accused of murdering her English professor, she has no memory of the crime. But at the scene of the homicide, her fingerprints are everywhere—on the door, on the curtain, and on the knife used to stab him to death. Great detective work by a private investigator, a psychiatrist, and a lawyer unravel the twisted threads in a truly intriguing mystery.
Michael Connelly - Blood Work BLOOD WORK
by Michael Connelly
Paperback $7.99

When Graciella Rivers steps onto his boat, ex-FBI agent Terrell McCaleb has no idea he's about to come out of retirement. He's recuperating from a heart transplant and avoiding anything stressful. But when Graciella tells him the way her sister Gloria was murdered, it leaves Terry no choice. Now the man with the new heart vows to find and take down a predator without a soul.
James Patterson - Roses Are Red ROSES ARE RED
by James Patterson
Paperback $7.99

In this heart-pounding thriller, Detective Alex Cross pursues the most brilliant killer he's ever confronted, a mysterious criminal who calls himself the Mastermind. In a series of crimes that has stunned Washington, D.C., bank robbers have been killing bank employees and their families if the robbers' instructions are not followed to the letter. The case becomes all consuming as Cross learns that the Mastermind is plotting one huge, last, perfect crime.

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