The Iraqi Provocation, by Larry Soderquist

Larry Soderquist's second Eric Berg Mystery is the perfect book for these times.
   The body of an Iraqi graduate student lies mangled outside his dorm, ripped apart by a bomb.  Professor Eric Berg, a former military police lieutenant who works with the campus police, views the scene without any hint of the complex web of international intrigue into which he’ll soon be drawn.
   Loaded with surprises, The Iraqi Provocation follows Berg as he’s caught up in a series of brutal murders and an assassination attempt—a trail of events that leads him to Baghdad, Washington, and beyond.  Spies and high level government officials cross Berg’s path as he teams up with Kate Michaelman, a detective with whom he shares a smoky past, to peel away layers of deceit and discover the carefully hidden truth. Larry Soderquist’s second Eric Berg mystery delivers exquisite suspense and a captivating conclusion readers won’t soon forget.

The Iraqi Provocation, An Eric Berg Mystery Novel by Larry Soderquist

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The Iraqi Provocation (ISBN 1-57736-285-3, softcover, US $7.99/Canada $10.99) is published by Hillsboro Press.